Acapulco-Sinolea method. This method is a Spanish contribution to the high quality technology for obtaining olive oil.

During the extraction the olive oil is produced without pressure and does not suffer any aggression, so the quality is very high.

To produce this special type of olive oil, the olives are crushed by three three-ton granite stones (tuned by a specialist every two seasons). From the crusher, the ground paste moves to the Thermofilter, that consists of a giant stainless steel roller covered in a tight wire mesh, which turn very very slow (around 4 times per minute). Oil from the crushed olives drips by gravity and runs out arriving to a separate decantation system.

The oil obtained is called “FLOR DEL ACEITE” (FLOWER OF THE OIL).

Usually, a kilo of oil obtained by pressing for every eight kilos of olives; however, it takes eleven kilos of olives to make one kilo of Flor de Aceite.