The photovoltaic solar energy seems to be a very good solution for having less CO2 emissions. Each 1 Kw generated by this produces 0,311 Kg of CO2 less.

For this reason in Alcubilla, continuing with our permanent concern for the environment, have considered that we can help this way to minimize CO2 emissions to the atmosphere and we have installed a system of solar panels at the ceiling of our warehouse.

It is the bigger size system in our area and we are going to produce 25% less of CO2 emissions that mean around 44 Tm of CO2.

So, our carbon footprint will be 53.000 Kwh/year lower.

With this project ALCUBILLA will produce around 25% of its energy needs by renewable energy that contributes to continue reducing the carbon footprint of our products such we’ve committed when started to use “CO2 Verified” logo.