The Association of Organic Producers from Andalusia (EPEA), of which is member ALCUBILLA 2000, S.L., has started a Project in 2009 to measure and to verify “carbon footprint” of food products. It means that total emissions of greenhouse gases have been calculated along the product’s life cycle, from the acquisition of raw matters until its management as residue.

With this new instrument ALCUBILLA 2000, S.L. has been able to know its carbon footprint for its LUQUE - 1 L glass bottle of Organic Olive Oil and, what is more important, commits to reduce its CO2 emissions.

This way, final consumers will be able to have a closer idea of the environmental efforts of the company.

The project has been boosted by EPEA and has the technical attendance of AFHA Consultants and Det Norske Veritas - Spain (DNV) that have developed the calculation methodology and the verification of the results. Also, this project has the support of the Andalusian Government.

This initiative is pioneer in Spain because it is the first time that emissions measuring tool is adapted specifically to a sector (in this first experience, to the agricultural sector). This tool is based on the protocol PAS 2050, a general standard that, at the moment, it has been used by some companies this way. However, the project ' CO2 Verified' adjusts to the detail this tool and focus the guides to concret sectors, measuring emissions during all and each one of the stages of the agricultural production: starting with soil preparation, fertilization, treatments, harvesting; going by the elaboration, transport of matters, by-products, electric power; and arriving until the distribution of the product in destination.