Single origin

Alcubilla and LUQUE family want to offer a very special organic olive oil to its clients, that’s why we have harvested and processed separately certain amount of olives:

Limited edition

As consumer knows, highest quality is obtained in a proper manner when you are working with a limited amount and in a carefully way.

That’s why we have harvested a limited quantity of olives from “El Angel”, in a very exact moment and picking them all by traditional ways. This amount of olives have been transported to the mill in just 2 hours and have been milled “just in time” with a very low temperature for maintaining all the polyphenols and aromatic matters.

Once this special oil is obtained, it’s stored it in a separate tank for maintaining its organoleptic characteristics and is bottled it in a limited and numbered edition (marked on back label).

The available quantity of LUQUE - Limited Edition bottles will depend on weather conditions and organoleptic characteristics of every year.

Please, check availability in each moment.